Exactly. It’s crazy – no other company offers the same combination of services to meet your health, fitness, sports or information needs.

We coach. We educate. We engage and inform.

Writeninja Total Fitness is a coaching and education service for teams, workplaces and individuals. We also provide media services such as website content (e.g. content marketing, PR), social media management, publication coordination and video/images for your health, fitness and sports business.

We like to use the word “coaching” rather than “training” because the emphasis is not on “making” people do something, but educating sound and easily understood principles so that they want to put into practice. We do this via assessments, consultations and workshops, in addition to using media such as articles, blogs and video.

We believe in goals. Have goal and you will prepare yourself physically for it. You will fuel your body more efficiently. You will be wary of injury and illness that will set you back. In other words, the goal itself will (in most cases – there are exceptions, such as competitive eating and darts) bring you health as a by-product. Goals build habits, habits builds a lifestyle. Diets and programs are temporary.

What’s with the ninja?

Apart from all the murder and stealing, there is much in the nature of the feudal-age ninja worth emulating. The ninja had a passion to excel in everything he or she undertook (yes, there were female ninja). The body, personality and character were honed to a fine point. They were alert mentally, extremely well-informed, patient and highly analytical. Physically, the ninja had a fully functional and practical combination of strength, fitness and endurance that allowed them to adapt to any task they wanted to undertake. The ninja also had a keen sense of balance. While this balance was often used for walking on tree limbs or maintaining two different wives who had no idea about each other, balance is also a key to managing diet, mood, motivation, being at your best for family and work, and maintaining a functional and injury-free body.          

On top of all this, the ninja makes a really cool logo! 


 “When I was closing in on my first powerlifting competition, I sought Dom’s help with nutrition and conditioning in order to move down in weight classes. With his help I was able to compete as a 105kg class lifter – which was down from my weight of 111kg. I then moved down another class, and have maintained a bodyweight of 90kg ever since. So through Dom’s encouragement and knowledge, I dropped some 20kg in 11-12 weeks with minimal strength loss.

“Training and consulting with Dom has been great as he is constantly looking for ways to improve in every area, which has greatly expanded my understanding of powerlifting and conditioning. I’ve seen how detailed his approach is not only with myself but with others, plus his own exceptional athleticism is very inspiring.”
— Rick Lansdown, 37, powerlifter


‘Running Strong’… what I’d do to feel that way again! So I attended Dom’s seminar promoting the benefits of strength training to prevent injury, increase speed, agility, power and efficiency.

Eleven years ago I had an ACL reconstruction and it took 2 years of rehab until I was able to descend a flight of stairs without pain. I developed an efficient yet unbalanced way to run, however I would constantly incur calf muscles tears and my right quad would start to fatigue around the 3km mark. My left quad was prone to atrophy. 

After several years of recurring injury, it was obvious that I had to retrain my body to recruit the correct muscle fibres when running and cycling. Over the last 8 weeks, Dom has been able to break down my running technique and discern through specific resistance exercises where certain muscles begin to fire or not fire.

Dom’s expertise with body biomechanics and his attentive and patient manner has allowed me the structure I need to build a base towards muscle symmetry and strength that will pave the way back to triathlon and trail running. 

Each week my program is varied, challenging and in line with my physical constraints. Dom keeps my interest peaked, my body alert and I having a laugh when he produces a tractor tyre with chains!

        — Alissa Greenhaw, 40 – triathlete/trail runner


"I got to know that people ran 100km in races in the bush through Dominic. In the fittest times of my life, I used to "run like a girl", two or three times a week, for 1hr, covering around 7-8km. However, discipline was a big issue for me and that never became a regular habit - I only ended up getting back to it as I enjoy running. I used to find a favourite route, totally flat, and just went for it - yes, probably boredom made me stop, but I didn't see that. Gyms for me were a lost case - I made many of them rich, as I paid but rarely went there. I tried to understand the concept of running 100km and, after seeing my excitement, Dominic showed me a plan to make that possible. That's how I went from never having any sports achievement to being an ultrarunner and now this is such an important part of my life that I can not imagine being without it."

— Ana Penteado, 39 – ultramarathons trail runner



 “Dominic has suggested effective exercises that have greatly helped me to develop my strength and fitness in a way that is specific to my boxing; his advice focused around the development of explosive power and key muscle groups."

— Ignat Kozlov, 19, welterweight boxer




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