I am not your mother.

I am not your counsellor.

I will not be the “trainer” who will stand next to you and chat, pretending to be your friend while you do some aimless and dull cardio exercise on a machine (and then take your money – it’s just one step down from being a gigolo).

Unlike mainstream media, I will not sensationalise your fears or try to justify what you want to hear and believe:

‘Beer is good for you!’ ‘You CAN drop 5kg by Saturday night!… by around 7:06pm’.


YOU are too intelligent, too grown-up, too realistic and have too much self-respect to need any of the above.

I am your goal-keeper.

Give me a physical or sporting goal and I will set you up on the kicking tee and give you a swift boot towards it.

Weight loss, improved health, better movement or worthy aspirations, but they are not goals themselves. They can be put off for weeks, months, years. They are highly subjective, vague and often mind-numbingly boring to pursue. Set yourself a real physical challenge, though, and your ambitions for your health and physique tend to fall into place. You will hone your body for it. You will fuel your body more efficiently. You will be wary of injury and illness that will set you back. In other words, the goal itself will (in most cases – exceptions such as competitive eating and darts exist) bring you health as a by-product. Goals build habits, habits builds a lifestyle. Diets and programs are temporary.



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What’s with the ninja?

Apart from all the murder and stealing, there is much in the nature of the feudal-age ninja worth emulating. The ninja had a passion to excel in everything he or she undertook (yes, there were female ninja). The body, personality and character were honed to a fine point. They were alert mentally, extremely well-informed, patient and highly analytical. Physically, the ninja had a fully functional and practical combination of strength, fitness and endurance that allowed them to adapt to any task they wanted to undertake. The ninja also had a keen sense of balance. While this balance was often used for walking on tree limbs or maintaining two different wives who had no idea about each other, balance is also a key to managing diet, mood, motivation, being at your best for family and work, and maintaining a functional and injury-free body.

…plus it makes a really cool logo.



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