We coach. We educate. We engage and inform.

We provide detailed analysis, guidelines and tools that you can use to help you achieve specific goals, because YOU are too grown-up, too intelligent, too realistic to need a fitness nanny to hold your hand and make you appear cool on social media, right?

Writeninja Total Fitness is a coaching and education service for teams, workplaces and individuals. We also provide media services such as website content (e.g. content marketing, PR), social media management, publication coordination and video/images for your health, fitness and sports business.
We like to use the word “coaching” rather than “training” because the emphasis is not on “making” people do something, but educating sound and easily understood principles so that they want to put into practice. We do this via assessments, consultations and workshops, in addition to using media such as articles, blogs and video.

We believe in goals. Have goal and you will prepare yourself physically for it. You will fuel your body more efficiently. You will be wary of injury and illness that will set you back. In other words, the goal itself will (in most cases – there are exceptions, such as competitive eating and darts) bring you health as a by-product. Goals build habits, habits builds a lifestyle. Diets and programs are temporary.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached,
it often serves simply as something to aim at.”
— Bruce Lee

What’s with the ninja?

It makes a cool logo obviously, but apart form that, there’s a lot about the feudal-age ninja worth emulating (except for all the murder and stealing). The ninja had a passion to excel in everything he or she undertook (yes, there were female ninja). The body, and character were honed to a fine point. Mentally, they were alert, extremely well-informed, patient and highly analytical. Physically, ninja had a practical combination of strength, fitness and endurance that allowed them to adapt to any task they wanted to undertake. The ninja also had a keen sense of balance. While this balance was often used for walking on tree limbs or maintaining two different wives who had no idea about each other, balance is also a key to managing diet, mood, motivation, being at your best for family and work, and maintaining a functional and injury-free body.
On top of all this, the ninja makes a really cool logo!