Dom tyre1

Doing something weird with a truck tyre to simulate a Strongman event!

I’m a writer and health communicator who has covered more topics than Wikipedia. This comes in handy for you, because it means that I have a knack for observation, research and communicating in a way that people actually understand.

I think outside the box, but keep my training in the real world so it fits in with your life, your situation and your goals. I’ve talked with coaches, athletes, dietitians and sports physicians for all kinds of sports and activities – from the best in boxing, cricket and rugby to expedition racing, surf-lifesaving, cross-country skiing and goanna wrestling (a real sport – look it up!).

Through my research for writing and coaching, I’ve been able to filter out the rubbish, the excessively complex and the overly simplified to show others effective methods to train, eat and achieve optimum health. I’ll keep your training and nutrition based in the ‘real world’ – whatever that may be for you – so that you’ll see that reaching goals is not just for the naturally gifted and the elite athlete. It’s for people like you and me.

Forget genes – my mum was not a champion gymnast who then ran on the national 100m relay team, and my dad was not an Olympic decathlete. I’m here to show you that with the right analysis, application and dedication, you can do well at any activity, and at any age.

I trained myself to run a 100km trail race through the mountains and bush with no coaching or races in the previous 17 years. Then I swapped to a sport poles apart – powerlifting. Four years later I held national (open), Commonwealth (open) and World Masters titles in powerlifting and bench press. Somewhere in that period I also did triathlon and a multi-day adventure race.  Then I competed in Strongman and won a state championship (despite giving away up to 15kg in bodyweight to my rivals) before taking up multi-day alpine ultramarathon.

We live a long time and it’s a big ol’ world out there, so the main goal with my training has always been to be fit enough and strong enough to be able to try out any activity I want and to be able to do that for as long as I can.

Talk to me now and we’ll work together to identify exactly what you can do to make the most of your potential and situation so that you can go for your goals.

— Dom Cadden


WTF is our D.E.A.L.?   Dom+Ana trail running

Writeninja Total Fitness is a coaching and education service. We say “coaching” rather than “training” because the emphasis is not on “making” you do something, but educating you via assessments and consultations and guiding your training and nutrition as your needs change and adapt. The term “coaching” is more associated with sports and activities than training. It also implies education and advice for all areas of lifestyle rather than just supervision of individual sessions of exercise.

Here’s our DEAL:

Define your goals

Educate in a down-to-earth and interesting way with things you actually need to know to reach your goals and build a better lifestyle

Assess your specific strengths, weaknesses, biomechanics and needs. Despite what Tyler Durden says in Fight Club, you are a unique snowflake. There are millions of training programs and diets in books, magazines and websites, but none are made explicitly for your body, your needs, your situation, your level or your energy wave patterns. These will all change and your programming and nutrition will have to change with it.

Logical progression – moving you closer to your goals and your potential in manageable steps as you need them, while making the necessary adjustments for work, travel, injuries and, well – life.

Thanks to the prevalence of video cameras and broadband internet, this consulting can be done via the internet and phone, with assessment of technique and training done by video analysis. This opens up our coaching to anyone, wherever you are, although initial and intermittent assessments are best done in person when convenient geographically.

What we will do

  • Listen
  • Treat you like an individual – your program will not be the same as anyone else’s
  • Innovate
  • Respect your injury/illness issues and work around them
  • Answer emails/text messages so you are not left wondering for long about any dilemmas you have about diet, training and lifestyle
  • Identify your weaknesses and show YOU how to make them stronger (but we can’t do it for you!)
  • Walk the talk and look the part – we serve by example
  • Provide honest feedback – you’re an adult, you can deal with it, right?

What we won’t do

  • Crap on about our lives or gossip about yours
  • Flog the latest fad or health product to you
  • Waste your time with non-specific training
  • Tell you to do what we do – what works for us might not be right be right for you
  • Talk in clichés – “feel the burn”, “make it hurt”, “four more clichés to go”
  • Take the money and run – your goals become our goals
  • Use the word “journey” unless discussing your means of travel
  • Pretend we know everything and can fix everything – we will attempt to refer you to the appropriate people and sources when necessary.