What supp?”
A balanced (but slightly compromised and quickly outdated) guide to sports supplements for muscle gain, fat loss, strength, immunity/recovery, anti-inflammation and endurance.
Published in Men’s Health Australia magazine.
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Soup up your body
Super-nutritious soups for different needs – building muscle, busting stress, blasting fat, boosting the brain or recharging after exercise.
Published in Men’s Health Australia and Men’s Health Brazil.

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Protein fact and fiction
This article looks at how protein requirements vary depending on factors such as age, weight and activity, and the pros and cons of different protein sources.

Published in Men’s Health Australia

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Dom runsBush-Dashing
Dominic Cadden’s experience running his first 100km trail run through the mountains.
Men’s Health Australia

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9465-1_nNavigation Running 

Have a go at navigation running!
body+soul, Sunday Telegraph

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PowerliftingReal Steel to Mind & Body
One man’s journey into the sport of powerlifting.
Men’s Health Australia

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 CONCURRENT TRAINING (combining strength, power & endurance)

Concurrent Training_opener SMALLConcurrent Training
What does sports science have to say about training for endurance and maximum power/strength at the same time? What would happen in reality? This article follows my attempts to train for a multi-day adventure race and a powerlifting competition at the same time.

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runner-1024x682Powerlifting…and Ultra-distance Running?
You don’t necessarily need to choose one or another
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Olympian Time Lords
How Olympian athletes manage their time so that they can fit in their training and recovery, as well as family, partners, friends, study and work.

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8077-1_nAustralian Health Innovations
A look at some amazing medical breakthroughs over the last 20 years.
body+soul, Sunday Telegraph

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frontIt’s Not That Hard!!! How to Run a 100km Trail Ultramarathon

Documentary produced by Dominic Cadden & Ana Penteado. Watch the trailer here:


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