Running instrucvtion - outdoorsUnlike other training services, we won’t make you sign up for 6 or 12-week blocks. We get it – you’re an adult – once you know what to do, you’ll go off and do it, right? So we offer a one-off consultation to provide a technical assessment of skills central to your activity (e.g. running gait, lifting technique). We can also evaluate your goal and suggest goal-specific exercises, drills and training methods for you, no matter what your sport or goal activity.
AS an example, for running, we analyse a variety of technical factors, such as foot strike, posture and stride length/position. We also check supporting factors to your running, such as balance, flexibility and strength in essential areas, all of which will affect your injury risk and ability to perform.
Follow up sessions are welcomed as needed. These will be provided at a reduced rate from initial session.
60-90 minutes + 1 x follow-up 15-minute call
$90-120 (additional fee for full programming)

Remote coaching

Goal-specific coaching that provides a program that is assessed each week and support advice and information resources, e.g. instructional videos, articles, etc.


Coaching à trois  

Couples train together, motivate together.
It just makes sense – two people (partners, spouses, mates, colleagues) will succeed together better than one person on their own or two people acting separately. You don’t even need to have the same goal – just as long as you both have one. This package will address the training, lifestyle and nutritional requirements for each of you and assess how these may cross over and what you can do to help each other to achieve more. Here we take a more holistic approach, providing suggestions and guidance for lifestyle factors such as food shopping, cooking methods, mood, motivation, time management and wellbeing. coaching01
Typically this involves two sessions per week – one focused on training and the other on lifestyle factors such as nutrition. Each week you will also be given resources relevant to your needs.

For teams / groups  

We can provide:

  • Assessment of your athletes’ needs and a selection of specific exercises and drills to increase speed, power and strength for their sport
  • Training supervision of your squad/team to ensure safe and sports-specific strength, speed & power training for your athletes
  • Seminars/workshops that will immediately improve your athletes’ exercise technique and exercise selection
  • Squad and individual strength & power assessment and programming specific to your sport

We will work with any sport.