Seminars & Workshops


Dom is available for seminars and workshops in your workplace that will promote health, wellbeing and morale – all key contributors to productivity and staff retention.
Dom’s informative, practical and funny presentations are sure to leave you with a new and much clearer outlook on your health, exercise and nutrition.
With some 20 years’ experience writing about and editing information on health-related topics, Dom has had access to a vast range of experts and information sources, but the tricky bit has been sorting out the real, practical and updated information and communicating this in a way that is accessible and useful to everyone.
All session include a Q&A session.
Training and programming sessions can also be provided for corporate groups with their own gym or those who are training for corporate team participation in sports events.

Workshop topics can be customised on request. Here are some of our workshop themes:

A strong argument  strength for older

This talk looks at the role of functional strength and examines the role strength training can play for you and your colleagues/teammates for your general health, posture, bone health and metabolism (especially in women), and relief from pain and headaches. We can also theme this session so it is specific to your workplace activity (even if that’s sitting in an office!).

Info overload is making you sick

Every week we’re bombarded by vague and often contradictory health messages in the media. The session will explain the motives and workings behind the media so you can work out how to evaluate what’s real and what’s rubbish.

Running Strong poster

Running smooth  

Everyone looked on carefully as they taught us for walk, but for many of us, we were left alone when it came to running. This session looks at technique correction for distance running and sprinting, and outlines the most efficient training methods to get running faster, longer and free from injury.

Nutrition – it’s not that hard  

Diet propaganda and food fascists would have you believe it’s their way or a life of misery (or just death). This session will pick through some of the nutrition myths and prove that it’s not that hard to eat and drink well for your body’s individual needs.

Have it all!  

Can you have strength, fitness and endurance all at once? And six-pack abs thrown in at the same time? And which of these will actually help me live longer and protect you from illness and chronic physical limitations? This down-to-earth guide will tell it like it is and give you a guide to help improve on any or all of these factors no matter what your stage of life.

Special rates for community, charity and non-profit sports groups.